Tell us more about your business and how you got into it.

As an event and nightclub DJ, I provide clients with quality sound, dance lighting, and specific playlists/sounds that have been requested by them during our preplanning meetings.

My love for music and connecting with an audience through music are what inspired me to become a DJ. I enjoy exploring different genres of music and having knowledge about the artist and their production process. Dancing is also an exciting form of connection and physical release. When the right song is played, the listener experiences emotion and connection to the moment. I know when I create this moment I have succeeded as a DJ.

What is the current state of affairs where you work? (Yes, this is general, but this is a place for you to set the stage for our understanding of who you are to your industry or workplace.)

The entertainment industry is currently at a standstill. DJs and the music industry are suffering immensely. I’m looking forward to a return to the dance floor.

What do you see happening in your industry or workplace in the next 30/60/90 days? What about in the long-term: one year, five years, 10 years?

The post-COVID DJ world will be very exciting. Audiences are missing the connection to people, music, and sound. So many events have been rescheduled or postponed. New technology is also going to transform the way DJs connect with the audience. Specifically, having access to any song at any time with streaming technology makes life much easier for me as a DJ. VR headsets, light configuration, video mapping, and sound mapping will bring complete immersion to the nightclub experience in the next ten years.

What is a “best practice” that you have developed in response to the challenges presented by COVID-19? This should ideally be in relation to work in general or your work in specific. It can be grand or minute—both are great.

Until more people are vaccinated, it will be important to keep masks on and practice social distancing. When we have events again, I will use social media as a way to take requests for songs instead of direct contact with the crowd.

Who is someone you think has been doing something positive, helpful, crucial, or impactful in your industry or workplace? What is it they have contributed?

Defected Records is one of my favorite dance music labels because they have been keeping the energy and excitement going. They promote diversity in the dance and nightlife industry and produce fun, danceable music. They recently hosted a 24-hour DJ fundraiser set by DJ EZ and have been promoting DJ streaming events.

What is something that the general public perhaps does not understand about operating in your industry at this moment?

Everyone is experiencing the loss of social interaction at the moment. The DJ and nightlife industry are crippled by necessary COVID restrictions. Unfortunately, at this time a return to normalcy is not a possibility for indoor events. Support your local entertainment industry by wearing a mask and getting vaccinated when it is available. We need you, and you need us!

Why did you join the chamber?

I joined to network with business-minded gay and lesbian entrepreneurs and to hopefully help build a better gay community through visibility and diversity.

Would you like to offer your contact information for follow-up questions about your industry, new contacts, and potential collaborations? If so, what’s your message/invitation and preferred contact method?

Please contact me at: