Bursting Through

The Storytelling Movement for Queer/Straight Relationships

I’m Steve Petersen, Founder of Bursting Through. I’m on a mission to recycle hate into love through the power of storytelling. My 27-year career in marketing and visual merchandising took me on a journey from rural Iowa to Fortune 500 companies in Manhattan.

While my professional success informed much of my life’s work, it was my journey of coming out in my mid-20’s that cemented my core values of compassion, courage and change.

This Movement is empowered in part by my exhaustion as a 53-year-old-queer-man who can no longer stand the absolute absurdity of my civil rights being the subject of debate.

In some ways Bursting Through came to life fairly easily and in a short amount of time. In reality, it has been creating itself throughout my life, and emerged during a global pandemic where time passed in the most unusual of ways. Taking the risk to share has been frightening, but I believe Bursting Through has something important to say and I also believe there is a community of brave and fierce people like you that can be connected through this Movement.

We invite you to visit our WEBSITE to read a few stories and learn more about this important Movement.

Bursting Through envisions a world where all Queer people take their rightful place in society and not feel that they have to apologize for, tone down or guard who they are to be accepted in the world.

I’m very proud of this feature column in Las Vegas PRIDE magazine … Please take a moment to read and learn more about my journey.